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Lucky Noodle

Delivery happiness, and flavorful authentic Taiwanese taste.


MON – SUN: 11:00am-9:00pm


6120 W Tropicana Ave A1, Las Vegas, NV 89103


Our specialties


Crispy Fried Pork w.Rice

Savor the crunch and flavor of our Crispy Marinated Fried Pork! Juicy, tender pork, marinated to perfection and fried until golden. An irresistible delight in every bite!


Braised Minced Pork Noodle

Enjoy tender minced pork braised to perfection over al dente noodles. A savory, satisfying dish in every bite!


Wonton in Red Chili Sauce

Indulge in our Wonton in Red Chili Sauce! Delicate wontons drenched in a spicy, flavorful chili sauce. A bold and delicious bite every time!


Our Story

Lucky Noodle, with locations in Taipei (銀記) and Taoyuan (御膳老北京), Taiwan, and now in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, promises a taste of authentic Taiwanese cuisine honed over 30 years. We pride ourself on traditional methods that produce richly flavored soups with aromatic depth.

Our commitment to daily-made fresh noodles ensures each bite is filled with elasticity and chewiness, promising satisfaction to discerning palates.

Lucky Noodle invites patrons to experience genuine Taiwanese flavors and extends gratitude for the opportunity to share their culinary heritage.

Overall, Lucky Noodle strives to deliver happiness through flavorful, authentic Taiwanese tastes, making it a promising destination for those seeking an authentic dining experience in Las Vegas.

We are Lucky Noodle! Delivery happiness, and flavorful authentic Taiwanese taste.


Customer Reviews

We have invited a few food critics for their honest reviews. Read on to find out how we do!

Janli Gwo

           -From Google Reviews

“I’m Taiwanese and I thought the food here was DELICIOUS. Everything is flavorful without too much oil or salt. We actually ordered too much food since the portions are large but ended up finishing most of it. As someone who eats primarily veggies, I can recommend the “Boiled Vegetables w Sauce” which was cabbage stewed in pork bone broth with minced pork bits – SO GOOD. The sugar donuts were dank. The cute plate designs are also a nice aesthetic! Love this place. “

David Wang

           -From Google Reviews

“The flavor for the handmade house dumplings were fantastic!! You can tell they made them freshly in the kitchen because of the texture! The server was very attentive. Highly recommend this place. This will be my new weekly dine-out place! “

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